Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Give Yourself a Chance

I suppose life is truly its own reward!  My consciousness is very much diggin' the chance to hang out in my body now that my mind is learning to calm down.  Gee, does that sound goofy to you, or no?  It's already brought a smile to my face as I stumble across the words that immediately separate me into two things... or more... a consciousness, a body, a mind.  You will know what the H.E.C.K. I'm talkin' about if you happen to read any of the older posts on this blog.  Those posts include interviews with Eckhart Tolle, author of a small book called A New Earth that is pretty much waking up the world, at least everyone who is saying yes to waking up at this point.  If you are one of those people who is included in this round of waking up, you are certainly welcome to see what Eckhart Tolle had to share on the subject of what to know about relationship during the process of waking up.  It's *deep* ok... so, don't bother to read it unless you are ready for a power packed consciousness upgrade!  

If you do risk it, it's worth it!  And you will be in very good company.  People all over the world attended Oprah's online classes with Mr Tolle.  I was one of the people in 2008 who joined in on those lessons and honestly, my life did completely change and yes, it got worse in the beginning and has actually just begun to seem rather ok again!  

What happened to me, you might ask?  It's simple.  The partner I was living with at the time became so annoyed, so stirred up by the videos, that he actually became very difficult to live with.  Fortunately, I moved out that summer and have continued to allow Eckhart's enormous wisdom to continue to influence and guide me.  I now look back on an experience that caused me to spin off into a LOT of drama and realize, the only one creating the drama in it was me.  I can give myself a break knowing, I needed to know what resistance to letting go of something that wasn't in my greatest and highest good really looked like and now I know.  That gives me a greater value on relationship that comes after the smoke clears and the false sense of relationship has all been burned away.  So... lest you might be reading this and think I have it all figured out in the waking up process, let me assure you that I am a student.  And a teacher/guide to some as well... when that's what's asked of me.  I am just a beginner.  In fact, I'm finding myself coming back around for that longer, deeper look at just what the H.E.C.K. he really was speaking about in those classes.  I must not have been ready for all the insights back then and so, if you are here and find yourself still reading, you must be ready to come face to face with one of the big contenders in the spiritually committed body of folks we are blessed to have on our planet today!  I joke about this because, well, we can't take the process of waking up too seriously.  And, hey, those of us who thought we had it all figured out (like me) are here to say, the only way you figure it out is to keep going deeper. Give yourself a chance.  Slow down.  Ease up a bit on whatever is driving you nuts and give yourself a chance to start to refocus your mind with a prayer or meditation. What you may find is the love you seek is closer than your breath!

Fall in love with life and life will fall in love with you!


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